Weekly Reflections

Week Beginning: 16/1/17 –  I feel like I am currently doing well with my film work as I have produced some quality test strips, contact sheets and film enlargements in my physical sketchbook. However, I don’t feel like I am doing very well with coping to do two projects at once, and my planning isn’t as good as I know it could be. This is because I feel rather bombarded and no able to concentrate knowing I have two lots of work to do at one time. I found using film rather interesting as it gave me an experience as to how photography was made years ago. I enjoyed using film although I didn’t like the processing the film as it was fiddly and slightly frustrating. After I finish the film processing I am going to concentrate on my Light and Shadows assignment as it is more of a priority than the studio project. I am going to concentrate on planning on this project as I identified earlier I feel like I haven’t done enough lately. My ideas are changing from concentrating on producing high quality photos to producing consistent written work as well as consistent good quality photos as I received critical information involving grades. If I need any help I can receive it from either of my tutors or from any of the members in my class. I feel like I am behind on my work as I am worried about not being able to complete both projects on time, I am very behind on my Visual Source Binder, and still have a somewhat to catch up on with my studio project as well as continuing with my Light and Shadow project.

W/B: 23/1/17 – I feel like I am catching up well with my studio tasks. I think that now the studio task project deadline is approaching I can concentrate more on the priority tasks. I’m still having trouble keeping up to date with the Visual Source Binder. I am finding the 24 photos of Light and Shadow task interesting as I can see many different possibilities of shooting Light and Shadow.

W/B: 30/1/17 – n/a (reflect on 1/2/17)



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