My Shoot

Final Shoot Plan

I have chosen to take my photoshoot in the style of Irving Penn as I am intersted in his ratios of lighting as they are quite contrasting 1:4-1:8 ratios. I am also interested in the fact that he focuses on the model rather than anything else. I have been influenced by Irving Penn as I felt like his work was the most appealing to me as a viewer. I plan to use broad lighting as I feel like this will make the image a little more interesting. I am debating on using a colour gel in my work as this adds I feel like this would make my piece more of my own rather than just copying Penn’s work. I have chosen to set my space up like this as I feel like it would give me a more vibrant look to my final piece.

Final Shoot Evaluation

24/1/17 – I feel like the shoot was a success today as I experimented with more things than I intended to. I did not follow the plan well as I set up butterfly lighting and not broad lighting. I did this as I felt it was a quick but effective lighting setup. I shot a few with just a plain soft box, power level at 5, shutter speed at 1/125, Aperture at F/9.0, and the ISO at 100. I then added a fill light which was a plain lamp with gels (Blue, Green, Orange, Red). I set the fill light power to to give the butterfly lighting a little colour, which made me feel like it was more of my own idea. I feel like the best photo I took was one using red gel as I liked the red shadowy effect it created in sync with the soft box and the butterfly effect.


The red gel lamp was facing up towards the ceiling whilst the soft-box was facing slightly downwards toward the model. I then took a various amount of shots on either side of the setup, and some directly underneath the setup.

Contact Sheets


I then Narrowed these photos down to 7 photos;


And I then chose to edit as finals






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