Camera Controls Mini Brief

What is a “Stop”?

“Stop” is halving or doubling the amount of light coming into the light sensor. This can be altered using the ISOAperture or Shutter Speed. For example. changing the Shutter Speed from 1/100 to 1/200 is doubling the amount of light coming into the camera. from 1/100 to 1/50 is halving the amount of light coming into the camera.



(Image taken from

“Depth of Field” is how much of the viewfinder is in focus with the surroundings. For example, a photo of a flower. Using f/11 and higher will give you a large depth of field (left photo). Whereas using f/4 and below will give you a shallow depth of field (right photo).


(Photo taken from

Shallow Depth of Field Artists:




Shallow Depth of Field Photos:


I decided to take these photos as I thought they showed somewhat Shallow Depth of Field. I am pleased with these photos as I feel like they have different meanings to them. Next time I would try to shoot more creatively as some images are similar.

Large Depth of Field Artists:




Large Depth of Field Photos:


I decided to take these certain photographs as I feel like they portray Large Depth of Field well. I am pleased with how the photos have turned out as I think they look clean. Next time I would make sure to shoot all of my photos on camera raw so I could then edit them further and make them look better.

What is “Shutter Speed”?


(Image taken from

The “Shutter Speed” is the amount of time the shutter is being left open for. 1/250 is equal to 250th of a second. 1/30 is letting in half as much light as 1/60, whereas 1/60 is letting in double the light 1/30 is.

Blurred Movement Artists:






Blurred Movement Photos:


I am not very pleased with these photos as I don’t feel like they show blurred movement properly, as the background is also blurred as well as the subject, making this camera shake. I like the subjects I decided to photo, however next time I should spend more time researching how to successfully capture a blurred movement photograph.

Frozen Movement Artists:



Frozen Movement Photos:


I am somewhat happy with these photos, as they fractionally show frozen movement. I like the way the photos are shown here. Next time I would firstly choose different subjects to shoot, and secondly try to get the subject moving faster to properly show the idea of frozen movement.


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