Image Analysis

Final Images:

Image 1: This is showing a vertical line as there is a small line separating the two walls at the corner. This is giving viewers a 3D aspect of the wall.

Image 2: This is showing a leading line as there are a collection of different lines which takes the viewer on a journey through the picture. The small horizontal going from the pillar to the building shown a sense of heavy materials supporting the next floor up.

Image 3: This image is showing a horizontal line as there are many repeated steps, which also shows pattern in my composition.

Image 4: This image is showing a diagonal line as there roof of the train carriage is making its way from front to back of the image, taking the viewers eyes with it.

Image 5: This image is showing a curved line as the curve of the bridge is running through the image. This is leading the eye from left to right of the image. The line separating the foreground and background is particularly sharp, meaning that the substance the line is made from is quite solid.

Image 6: This image shows both a horizontal line  and a vertical line. This is being shown by the horizontal line of the steps, followed by the vertical line of the railing which splits the steps in two.

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