All About Me

The experience I have in photography as I took it for one of my GCSE’s at school, and also have done some of my own work at home.

I took Photography as part of my GCSE’s, as both of my teachers encouraged me by explaining to me that my photos were of a good standard, I decided to take it further.

I am happy with this set of photos as I think they are aesthetically pleasing. The strengths are that they are quite surreal and different, which is the style I like most.

What personally inspires me is being able to make certain different photos and edits whilst building my skills up ready for employment. My favourite photographer to date is Erik Johansson as his work is very surreal.

impact(photo taken from; I have chosen this photo as I am interested by the concept behind it – the lake being made of a glass, smashing and cracking. I find this interesting as it clearly isn’t real, water doesn’t smash or crack into pieces. Therefore, this is a surreal photo (the idea of something being not real, like you’re in a dream). I am particularly interested in the surreal movement as it explores into editing. a response to this image could be a person walking on the water of a river/stream.

I would like to gain a wider skill set from this course and learn to take better quality photos and be able to increase my editing skills. After I complete this course I want to get a job in the photography industry. In the future I wish to work for a popular photography company, producing photos of a high standard. I like photographing landscapes as I enjoy the views, and taking photos of the views helps me to remember the times I traveled out. I also like to take photos of people as I like to edit and make them more suited to my prefered style. I dislike shooting historical photos as I find that there is a limit on what I can photograph without being able to edit.

Most of the photos I have taken previously have been on mobile (iPhone 6 to date). I have used Photoshop previously. I started to use Photoshop in year 10 of secondary school, I enjoyed using it so I continued to practice a lot at home. I would rate my Photoshop skills a 6-7 as I am still not able to produce clean edits. I have not used any other editing programme in this package, however I have used a similar programme to Photoshop called “GNU Image Manipulation Programme” which is free to download. I use this to edit game graphics and also photos.

2 examples:



I have not used any flash photography before, and would like to be able to learn this skill during my time on the course.


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